6 Motivations to Be Heard on Podcasts

Set clear goals to ensure fast results

Set clear goals to be a podcast guest

You’ve heard that the number of podcast listeners is exploding.  In certain 2016 model cars, drivers will be able to download and listen to podcasts.  It’s no longer podcasting, but on demand radio.  They are listening, and you want to ensure your ideal customers hear you.  You want to capitalize on this growing market, but make sure to set clear goals.

The good news is that you can connect with listeners both as a podcast host and as a podcast guest.  While you don’t need to start your own show to be heard, you do need to set clear goals on WHY you want to be heard and WHAT you hope to accomplish.  Being clear at the beginning will ensure meet and exceed your expectations

1. Vanity

I admit that this was a personal motivation.  I put it first because it’s the easiest outcome to get.  Being heard on podcasts and called an expert is fun.  Having someone ask you questions strokes your ego.  Knowing that hundreds of even hundreds of thousands will hear you inflates your ego.  You can add the logo to your website.  Post the interview to all your social media.  The results are like cotton candy: It’s fun, sweet and doesn’t last long.  If you are trying to grow a business, listens won’t appear on the balance sheet.

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2. SEO

This benefit applies to guests on podcast only.  Everytime another site links to yours, Google and the other search engines see it as a signal that your site has authority and worthwhile content causing your entire site to rank higher in organic (free) searches.  In the past people have tried to game the system and buy, trade or secretly embed backlinks.  Google punished them severely.  The best links are natural ones that are associated with the content on the page….like the show notes page for your guest interview.  This result comes with every interview.  The more interviews you do, the more links you earn.

3.  Brand Awareness

Beware the marketer that focuses on brand awareness.  It typically means they can’t show quantitative results.  In this day of real-time analytics, you should be able to measure and track everything.  Even feel good metrics like whether your customers LOVE you or LOATHER you can be measured.  If you can measure, you can improve it.  Brand Awareness is easy.  Do something stupid and everyone will be aware of your brand, but you still need to show actual business results.

4. Visitors

After a podcast or podcast interview, you should see new traffic to your site.  Naturally some listeners will just be curious to learn more.  The best interview includes an offer or call to action that the listener MUST go to the website to get.  For audio-only podcasts, this could be an image, infographic or video.  The offer could be anything that gives the listener added value and a reason to take the action to visit your website.  Traffic is easy to measure and is one of the first signals that you are connecting with listeners.

5. Leads

Marketing is all about starting a conversation.  Up until now the conversation has been one-sided; You talk, They listen.  The engagement can occur when a visitor comes to your welcome page and  fills out a form to get that eBook, download, checklist or access that cool app.  They could even sign up for a free webinar/training.   They trade information like their name and email on a form to get the offer. Submitting the form is the first transaction, the first minor yes on their road to being a customer and an advocate.

6. Customers

As every business owner knows “If it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense (cents).”  The primary goal of appearing on any podcast as a host or as a guest is to serve your customers.   You can measure how well you serve them by counting all of the Certificates of Appreciation they give you (they look just like dollar bills).  To move podcast listeners, to leads, to customers, you must have a process.  I hate the term “sales funnel”, instead let’s think of it as a “buyer’s funnel”.  Every step of the process should help them move closer and closer to solving their problem with your product or service.  Ideally this process should be highly automated so it can scale and be repeated.  Even if it’s manual, make sure you have a system to see real business results on your balance sheet from the time you invest on podcasts.

Being heard on podcasts can be a free and effective way to connect with your ideal customers.  As they hear your story, they get to know, like and trust you.  The interaction is so strong that visitors from podcasts convert over 25 times better than traffic from blogs.  As a guest or a host, be clear on what your goals for the time and resources invested.  When done properly there is no better return on investment than podcasts.