7 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book as Part of Your Business Strategy

It's time to take your business to a new level

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Your small business is up and running. Maybe you’ve been established for some years. Now it’s time to take it to a new level. You’ve been wondering about about scalability … What can I do to increase my reach and profitability?

Benjamin Franklin was an entrepreneur on steroids. He had the interests of 40 men. Fundamentally a printer and writer, he said, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about.”


I think today he would say something like, “Do something worth writing about. And write about it!” With what’s possible today in business and publishing, he would say, “Show me your book.”

See how Ben Franklin started with nothing and became wealthy.

Let’s step around this trap … allowing the urgent to keep getting in the way of what’s truly important. Releasing a book can transform your inbound marketing business. Plus it will change you personally.

It’s Your Time …

The best time to plant an oak tree is yesterday. The next best time is right now.

It’s said that 85% of Americans in business want to write a book. Only 5% do. There may be no easier way to break through into the top 5% of your field than writing a book.

Imagine yourself and your business differently in 90 or 180 days. What do you envision in 3 years? Here are 7 reasons why you should write a book now as part of your business inbound strategy.

Reason #1 — Writing a book will transform you

You don’t have to be in business for too long before you realize that you are the business! The internals become the externals. As a leader, who you are becoming on the inside shapes what happens on the outside.

Writing your book is personally transformative. It demonstrates perseverance. Jeff Goins says that completing a book shows we can do the hard thing. We all know that having success in one area tends to spark success in other areas of our lives.

Writing clarifies your thinking, elevating your expertise. It’s true that “readers lead, and leaders read.” It’s even more powerful when leaders write.

Q4U: This may be the most important reason for publishing! Have you thought of this as a leading reason for writing a book?

Reason #2 — Writing a book positions you as an authority

When you do a good job of writing, you attain a new level of expertise. You are now positioned as an expert in your space. Don’t take it for granted. Not everyone has your knowledge.

Michael Hyatt says that, believe it or not, writing a book is seen as achieving a higher level of credibility than earning a graduate degree or an important work position.

Do you see the connection between AUTHOR and AUTHORITY? This is the way you’ll be seen by others when you have “author” after your name. Publishing establishes your bona fides.

Q4U: How can you see your business changing when you are seen as an authority in your field?

Reason #3 — Writing a book differentiates you and your business

In football, when a receiver creates separation between themselves and a defender, they are more apt to receive a pass. In basketball, a player has to create separation to get a quality look at a shot.

It’s crowded out there, isn’t it? It’s noisy too. Few of your competitors have written a book. And probably few will. So when you publish, you immediately create a remarkable separation. You rise above the crowd.

And it’s said that a book is a business card which no one throws away.

Q4U: How are you doing on this issue of separation? Do you feel hidden in the herd?

Chris Brogan has rolled out a mini-series on writing a book. Very practical and energizing blog posts. Chris shows an accessible process you can begin to move on. Click through and see what he has to say …  Finding time   Discipline   Structure   Marketing and promotion   Making money

Reason #4 — Writing a book is an opportunity to expand your market

You can create a market with a book.

Writing a book is the best marketing tool you can have. It projects your thoughts and ideas into the marketplace … the marketplace of ideas, as well as the marketplace of commerce.

Podcasting is surging. There’s no better way to become a guest on podcasts than to write a book. We are in the attention economy. It’s a high-value privilege to get the attention of audiences in your space. The same is true for writing guest blog posts.

And this is key — your book will prepare and condition the market for what you have to offer. Sound good?

Q4U: What can you write about that will draw attention to what you do?

In this 7 minute video, Michael Hyatt (former Thomas Nelson CEO) interviews Lysa Terkeurst. The most important thing we can do is to create a powerful conversation around our product or service. Here’s how to do it by creating a remarkable book.

Reason #5 — Writing a book can fuel the launch of additional products and services

Ray Edwards says your book can be the hub of an entire business. You can create and sell e-books, e-courses, audio and video downloads, high-value special reports, a paid mastermind group, speaking opportunities, etc.

Why not create new profit centers around your core business? And these revenue-producing products will market and advance your core business. There’s a lot of potential upside here!

Q4U: Instead of thinking of a book as a one-off effort, have you seen the potential a book being a magnetic hub for additional products?

Reason #6 — Writing a book advances your public persona

Everyone enjoys being attractive in some way! Persona is not just for leads and customers — a book enhances your public persona as an entrepreneur and leader.

A book can introduce you to key people, empowering you to develop your relational network. Want better clients? Interested in alliances and partnerships? Your book can attract them.

Inbound marketing is all about attraction. And your book will be a an industrial-grade magnet.

Q4U: Can you visualize your book opening doors for you, attracting quality people into your sphere?

Reason #7 — Writing a book gives you leverage

Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, famously said, “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.”

Writing multiplies your ideas and influence. See it as a tool, a technology which exponentially increases your effort. Your book can easily empower you to compete with big players at a higher level.

Q4U: Have you gone long enough without a published book in your toolbox?

What will writing a book make possible for you?

Reflect on these 7 key reasons to publish your book. Can you see a book as a good fit with your inbound strategy? You’ll never regret writing a book. But chances are you will regret not writing one.


Invest some time in thinking about what could be possible. Write your ideas down. Good things tend to happen when we write our ideas and goals.

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