PPC was killing me too
Then I discovered the power of Inbound

You are in a much better place than I was when I discovered Inbound marketing. For me it was 2009 and our local Michigan economy was in a deep recession. Initially we survived and thrived, but it was clear that it was not a healthy long term way. Pay Per Click provided over 90% of our traffic and sales. To double our growth, we just had to double our adwords spend. Yet it wasn’t that easy. Margins always fell as the Cost of Customer Acquisition always increased. I realized it was an unhealthy addiction, but if I stopped, so did the business.

Then I found a way to stop chasing transactions and start building a business. Goodbye Crutches was one of the first eCommerce companies to embrace the strategy of Inbound Marketing as we focused on:

  • Attracting visitors with great content shared on social media
  • Engaging leads to build trust and add value
  • Delighting customers with personalized automated nurturing

It took us from a regional player to a national leader in under 3 years.

Now we share everything we have learned at TMSchwab.com as we:

  • Coach
  • Consult
  • Connect

We believe that marketing is a core competency of any business. Given the right guidance, no one will attract, engage and delight your customers better than you.

We help high potential business owners:

  • Evaluate the potential of an Inbound Strategy
  • Identify the best tools to execute the strategy
  • Build the Ideal Buyer Persona – the foundation of any Inbound Strategy
  • Identify, find and train your content creators
  • Create a detailed plan that becomes easy to accomplish
  • Ensure fast results and maximum ROI
  • Audit and improve current results
  • Connect to learn, benchmark and improve

If you are a high potential company committed to learning and executing an Inbound Strategy, you are at the right site.