Avoid Confusion and Help Visitors Get to the Purchase

Ecommerce business owner, Lindsey Wilson has seen her gift company grow over the last 2 years. She has had great success locally and nationally shipping gifts from Kalamazoo, MI (yes, it really exists).

As she looks to land bigger corporate accounts she has the question many Inbound marketers have: How can I help customers without confusing them?

The whole idea of Inbound is about being helpful to the visitor, lead, and customers. Education and information is wonderful, but too often we forget that it’s not always helpful.

  • If I have a simple question and you give me a text book of information that contains the answer, I’m overwhelmed
  • If I am ready to purchase and you introduce me to alternatives, I’m now further from a purchase decision
  • If I’m just looking and your checking availability and  shipping options, I’m frustrated because you’re not listening.

Helpful must ALWAYS be defined through the eyes of the person we are trying to help.

Recognize where they are in the buyer’s journey

There are 3 major stages in the Buyers Journey:

  • Awareness: I have a cough and fever
  • Research: What could it be, what are my treatment options?
  • Decision: Should I go to the Doctor or the Pharmacy?

Buyers Journey help them along with content

At each point it is important to give information that moves the process forward.

For example:

  • In the Awareness Phase an eBook about the problem would be appropriate: The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Giving
  • In the Research Phase a check list: 10 things To Make Your Companies Gift Giving Easy and Effective
  • In the Decision Phase: pricing, shipping , availability or even a sample might be appropriate

You are the worst person to write your content

The other error that business owners make that confuses the customer is writing your own content. Most business owners are the worst person to write their own blog. We speak in features and specifications. Our customers are looking for benefits and solutions to problems.

While highly technical fields may require more specialized writing, for eCommerce niches like Kalamazoo Gift Company finding authors that are just like the ideal buyer persona will provide content with context that connects with readers. Better yet, use User Generated Content and curate what the experts (your customers) freely provide.

What every company should learn from Kalamazoo Gift Company

In 1984 Dr Egon Spengler told us  “Print is dead. Even he could see that we were going to a more visual world. If you want to communicate do it through pictures. Lindsey Wilson does this PERFECTLY and CONSISTENTLY on the Kalamazoo Gift Company website and all of their social media channels. Instead of using stock images, she uses beautiful images that communicate quality and value. If you are trying to win business on Amazon or Ebay with a picture and the lowest price, don’t worry. For everyone else, we can learn from this company and remember that a picture is worth 1,000 words … that’s almost two blogs t0 content marketers.

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