Grow Your Small Business Online with Your Voice, Not Your Keyboard

Podcast guests convert 25x better than blogs

grow small business online podcast guest

Content is the fuel that powers the modern online sales and marketing engine. Most gurus say you must blog, blog more and be patient. For those who want to grow your small business online, this can be daunting. With every dollar precious and time even more limited, most entrepreneurs understand the need but struggle with not seeing an immediate return on investment.

Realizing the challenges faced by solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners we looked for a better source for online leads. Knowing that content can be much more than a blog post, beginning in the Fall of 2014 we began to test various alternative forms of content. The four goals were to make engaging content:

  • Easier for the small business to produce, especially when there is no marketing department
  • Provide better conversion rates (visitors →prospects→customers→advocates)
  • Provide faster results
  • Lower cost in both time invested, and resources required

The trend toward audio and especially podcasting has been widely reported. No longer limited to an iPod, the number of listeners and shows continued to grow. As Dan Miller, the host of the #1 Career Podcast, noted “It’s on demand radio. In 2016, the ability to listen to podcasts in cars will be standard.” Even major marketing companies like HubSpot and Copyblogger have recently invested in their own shows.

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The Publishing Revolution is On!

Explore the benefits for you and your business

This post is part of an ongoing series. See the Why You Should Write a Book as Part of Your Business Strategy (series) page here.

Are you carrying a book on the inside? You can get it out there!

publishing revolution

You now have the innovative option of POD — print-on-demand publishing.

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How Rory Vaden Taught Me to Get More Time to Do Inbound Marketing

rory_vaden_ecommerce_more_timeI need to take more vacations and so do you. It’s difficult to run into new and interesting people in your office. Honestly, I’ve never had a creative idea sitting in my office. To learn how to multiply time I had to go on a cruise.  

It was on a boat in the Caribean with no internet or cell phone service that I had the opportunity to meet New York Times bestselling author Rory Vaden. While his organization, Southwestern Consulting focuses on sales coaching, his ideas answered the biggest complaint I hear from inbound marketers: If only I had more time!

Rory showed me how I can multiply my time.

Don’t think it’s possible?

As Rory pointed out, one of the first commands in the Bible was God telling us “to be fruitful and multiply.” This doesn’t just mean procreation. This means multiplying your positive impact. In business, this means increasing your positive impact creating marketing people love.  We’ve all been given more powerful tools, now let’s get more time to use them. time.

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How to Add a Call to Action (CTA) to Your LinkedIn Posts


One of the critical items every blog should have is a Call To Action (CTA). This visual item helps the reader get more information to move along their journey to solving their need or problem with your product or service. The CTA is the first step in beginning the nurturing process that moves people from visitors to customers. While this feature is native in many blogging platforms like HubSpot, doing it on Linkedin takes a few extra steps. I’ll show you how to do it in under 2 minutes.

Originally I wondered if adding a CTA to a Linkedin Post was allowed. Would it get you banned from the site or harm the success you’ve already had in building relationships on this powerful professional networking site? After all, the clear goal of adding the CTA is to send traffic off the Linkedin site to your home base. When you add a CTA, you are attempting to take Linkedin’s traffic to your traffic. After months of questioning Linkedin experts and reading the Terms of Service, I found you can add this vital conversion tool to every one of your posts.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book as Part of Your Business Strategy

It's time to take your business to a new level

This post is part of an ongoing series. See the Why You Should Write a Book as Part of Your Business Strategy (series) page here.

Your small business is up and running. Maybe you’ve been established for some years. Now it’s time to take it to a new level. You’ve been wondering about about scalability … What can I do to increase my reach and profitability?

Benjamin Franklin was an entrepreneur on steroids. He had the interests of 40 men. Fundamentally a printer and writer, he said, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about.”


I think today he would say something like, “Do something worth writing about. And write about it!” With what’s possible today in business and publishing, he would say, “Show me your book.”

See how Ben Franklin started with nothing and became wealthy.

Let’s step around this trap … allowing the urgent to keep getting in the way of what’s truly important. Releasing a book can transform your inbound marketing business. Plus it will change you personally.

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8 Steps to the Perfect Pitch Sheet to Increased Inbound Traffic


Too often as inbound marketers we think of content as being nothing but a blog. As blogs get ever more common, to attract more traffic leads and customers than our competitors the smart marketers look to other areas like videos and infographics to stand out with fresh, engaging content.

As blogs become more competitive, some of the highest quality and lowest cost traffic comes from these new and creative new sources. One of my favorite for 2015 is being an expert guest on a podcast. In the experience with our clients it has been the best source of traffic as measured by return on investment, cost of customer acquisition and overall conversion rate.

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Google to Penalize Non-mobile Friendly Sites Effective April 21

google_punishes_non_mobile_sitesGoogle claims they don’t punish sites. Rather they reward sites that Goggle feels is in the best interest of users. It’s like a parent rewarding a child for good behavior.

Most of the time Google hints at what they want. This week they declared:

Starting April 21 not being mobile friendly will have significant impact on search rankings.

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