5 Things eCommerce Should Learn from the Las Vegas Strip

The_Top_5_Things eCommerce_ShouldRecently I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas. Before you imagine a sequel to The Hangover, let me disclose it was for my sister’s 50th Birthday. She chose the place, not me. While she enjoyed the gambling,  I enjoyed the marketing. Yes, I’m a geek, but if I can find enough other geek customers, I’m going to retire to Sin City and start a walking marketing course. Marketing 502: The parallels between Las Vegas and eCommerce.

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6 Things to Consider Before Developing a New E-commerce Website

6 Things to Consider Before Developing A New Ecommerce WebsiteAt Orange Collar Media, most of our clients come to us with a wish list or RFP to base an initial proposal on. These are great places to start, however we find that most eCommerce merchants are too focused on which modules to buy and sometimes overlook the basics, which provide the foundation of every site.

So to all you eCommerce merchants out there, before jumping into the details of what you want for your site, focus on what you need:

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6 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Images and Beat Amazon

6 Ways to Improve your eCommerce Images and Beat AmazonWhen everything looks the same to the consumer, the buying decision becomes all about the price.  In economics this maybe considered the ideal or perfect market, but for the eCommerce merchant this means disaster.  The laws of supply and demand fortell no long term profits for those that sell this way.  Visit Amazon, eBay or mosteCommerce sites and you will know who has decided to compete on price alone.  You won’t even need to read a word.  If they all use the same images, the consumer will quickly assume that the products and services are identical and the lowest price wins the transaction.

Here are 6 easy ways your images can leverage more sales and profits …

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Why It’s Time for eCommerce to Go Beyond Prostitution Marketing

Why it's time for eCommerce to go beyond Prostitution MarketingThink of your last eCommerce transaction. Was it memorable, was it fun, would you tell your friends about it. Chances are the answer to all of these was “of course not”.  eCommerce has become as fulfilling to both parties as street corner prostitution. I have a need and some money. You have a product or service.  Let’s make a transaction.


Full disclosure: I’ve never done such a transaction and thus gain all of my expertise from movies.

Selling based on price

Let’s not haggle about features, customer reviews or any implied warranties. I got your attention because I’m cheap. I hang out the places you’d expect to find me, the seedy neighborhood where people visit when they don’t have much to spend and you’re not shopping on quality. You may act surprised when it wasn’t all I promised or even what you expected. If there’s a problem don’t come looking for me because I be replaced by the next cheap tramp. I know you won’t share negative reviews with your friend because they would just laugh at you for being stupid enough to go there to save a few bucks.

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10 Signs You Should Invest in HubSpot eCommerce Coaching


10 Signs you should invest in HubSpot eCommerce CoachingThere are many parallels between modern Ecommerce and golf. Both have changed drastically over the last decade in large part to technology. The tools once only used by the pros are now widely available to anyone who wants to play the game. Beginning to playing has become easier. Just like ecommerce, it’s never been easier to sell online.

It’s winning that has become harder.

The tools and technology don’t determine the winner. Everyone has access to them. Rather it’s best knowing how to use and apply them.

All serious athlete, both professional and amateurs, look to coaches to reach their full potential. Coaches help identify the changes that will make the largest impact. They bring the wisdom and accountability to quickly take your performance to a higher level.

If you have the luxury of being able to spend decades learning, you maybe able to teach yourself. Yet most games move too fast. The window of opportunity to be a champion is fleeting.

Ecommerce is an easy game to start playing with free tools like eBay and Amazon. As you grow you can invest in ever more expensive equipment. HubSpot is the tool I have used. It provides an easy to use system to take your eCommerce business beyond a picture and a price and allow you to start growing a business with Inbound Marketing.

If you aren’t seeing the results others report, it’s time to improve your game, not look for another tool.

“Get better or get beaten” – Jack Welch

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What Is an Inbound eCommerce Campaign in HubSpot?

What is an eCommerce Campaign in HubSpotCampaigns decide who wins the war. It’s one of the biggest things I forgot the first year using HubSpot for our eCommerce site. More content was my answer to every problem.It worked, just not efficiently for the customer or for the merchant.

We now use campaigns to organize and direct all of our content. It is the best way we have found to predictably and reproducibly attack, convert and drive sales.

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4 Things the Navy Taught Me about Being an Inbound Marketer

4 Things the Navy taught me about being an Inbound MarketerOne of the classic images of the Navy is the battleship firing all guns broadside. You can see the flames and the shock wave. You can imagine the impact of the 16-inch shells. Nine projectiles, each weighing as much as your car, simultaneously hit a target over 10 miles away. This iconic image taught me more about marketing than I learned in my MBA.  Since you paid for my college education (Annapolis Class of ’87), it’s only fair that I share them with you.

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