Forget the Hover Board, I’m excited about ONTRAPalooza


Are you disappointed today? After all, this was the day we were supposed to have the Hover Board. While it would have been nice, even Marty McFly couldn’t have imagined all of the neat things we have today.

I’m flying at 400+ mph at 3ok feet connected to the internet.  Not even the professor in “Back to Future” saw this one coming. He also never dreamed of the tools that every small business has available in “The Future”.  It’s not just the big companies with major budgets.  Today any entrepreneur or soloprenuer can attract, engage and delight their customers online.

I’m headed to Santa Barbara, CA for the fourth annual ONTRAPalooza. For the next 2 days, over 600 like-minded small business owners, entrepreneurs, and soloprenuers will be gathered to learn and share.


Here is why I’m more excited about ONTRAPalooza than a Hover Board

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Fight for Your Independence to Achieve Business Freedom

You have to courageously take up the fight!

We’re celebrating Independence Day in America this weekend. We can be inspired from this world-class event in our businesses!

Accompanied by the ringing of the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence was publicly read outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia for the first time on July 8, 1776, four days after its signing.

business freedom

“Battle of Long Island” by Domenick D’Andrea. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

These 1300 words would shake the world, sparking other freedom movements in Europe and South America. A new type of government was formed, and a new human experience was unleashed.

We can learn something from this movement toward freedom. And we can apply these truths to our businesses immediately.

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