I Want to Share with You a High-Leverage Book Marketing Technique

Are you a thought leader, business person, or author(-to-be)?

promote your book as a podcast guest

Are you a thought leader, business person, or author(-to-be)?

We believe we have a book marketing tactic which is high-leverage … a way to get stuff done bigger-better-faster.

Invest 30 minutes with Brian Del Turco and myself on a free webinar—TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 at 3:00 pm (Eastern Time, US and Canada, GMT -4).

The webinar will be filled with profitable, actionable information.

Be smart—you can be a podcast guest and speak to online audiences which make sense for your book topic. This just may be the ultimate way to leverage your book marketing.

You’ll get the recording and a free PDF resource.

Claim your spot: YES! I WANT TO BE A PART

Nah, I’d rather just put my book out there and see what happens, even if it means much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Actually, there’s no link for that here!

7 Keys to a Perfect Landing Page for a Podcast Guest

Turn Listeners into Leads

The goal of being a podcast guest is to convert listeners to customers.  You must get the podcast listeners back to your site so that you can engage, nurture and convert them.  Instead of just sending them to the generic home page, to maximize the conversion rate all listeners should be directed to a specific landing page on your site.

Why is a dedicated page necessary?

  • If builds turst. You cared enough about those listeners to build a page just for them.
  • It confers authority. When the listener sees the name adn image of the podcast they already know, it will act as social proof.
  • It’s consistent.  The offers, text and message is exactly what they heard.  Podcasts are evergreen, meaning a new listener could consume the content years after the episode initially airs.  While your home page will likely change iwth time, this dedicated landing page will remain consistent.
  • It directs visitors to ensure they see exactly what you want them to see. If you have multiple offers over time, they see just what you talked about.

landing page podcast guest interview

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5 Tricks on How To Get Interviewed on a Podcast

Speak directly to your dream customers

how to get interviewed on podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? Chances are that your dream customers listen to them also.  Right now they are probably listening to one of the over 186 thousand podcasts in the US alone. In 2016, they will download episodes from their new cars.  It’s no longer a podcast but on demand radio.   Will they be listening to you?

Before you take the time and money to start your own podcast consider the cost to buy the equipment, learn the skills and build your audience.  Even the best podcasts take time to build a following.  If you want real business results faster, consider being interviewed as a guest on some of the existing podcasts your ideal buyer’s already listen to and love.

But the first question everyone has is: How to Get Interviewed on a Podcast?

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STOP: Watch This Before Starting a Podcast

A faster way to get faster results with less work

Are you considering starting a podcast to grow your business?

Before you invest all the time and money, listen to how Aaron Walker grew his business in under a year being a podcast guest interviewed on the shows his ideal customers were already listening to.

Tom: If podcasts are such a great medium to connect with people, to build the know, like and trust, why wouldn’t you just go ahead and say, “I’m going to start my own podcast,” as opposed to the strategy you’ve gone, trying to be on other people’s podcasts?

Aaron: Well, I actually thought about starting my own podcast until I started doing a lot of investigative work and found out the amount of time it took. There was the intros, the outros, the editing. I just didn’t want to invest the time, effort, and energy, to get through that process. For me, I had to enlist guests. If I were to have guests, that would be another scheduling process. I would have to come up with the content each and every week, the strategy to interview the guests. I thought, “Well, it’s almost like, I would rather use my next door neighbor’s pool instead of my own.” Because I don’t have a pool. I thought, “Well, I’ll just go use his. He can clean it, take care of it, open it and close it. I’ll just go over there and hang out.”

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