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In the military after every event we had an after action review.  Even the worst mistakes could produce the most meaningful lessons.  This is my after action report on my interview with Darrin Bentley on Big Wig Nation.  Every podcaster and podcast guest should learn from my face plant. If you heard the interview, my apologies.

After over 70 podcast interviews I had got an awesome opportunity to be interviewed on the Big Wig Nation.   

This show was on my dream list: 
  •    I admire Darrin Bentley as a host, an entrepreneur and as a man. 
  •    Big Wig Nation listeners are my ideal customers.
  •    Each episode has tens of thousands of downloads. 
Just as I teach in my course, I sent Darrin a Skype message 5-minutes before “I ready to go!”   It was a lie!   
I wasn’t ready.  After I restarted my computer I forgot to ensure the correct microphone was selected. As I talked into a $300 Heil microphone, I was picked up by the built in mic on my Mac.  
A true gentleman, Darrin didn’t mention it till after the interview.  By then it was too late.  He did all he could with the audio, but I am embarrassed.  It sounds like I called in on my cell phone from a bathroom.  It wasn’t my best for Darrin or his listeners.
Never Again 
Recently I listened to a book called the Checklist Manifesto, by Atuwl Gawande.  It explains why pilots use checklists.  It reminded me of why in Nuclear Power we never did anything without the manual open.  We are all human. We make mistakes. But if we follow checklist, we avoid the stupid and sometimes fatal “I forgot’s”
Systems Don’t Fail 
What I needed was a checklist to use before, during, and after the podcast.  I made this three page podcast guest checklist. I printed it out, laminated it, and refer to it for EVERY interview. 
Let’s Improve Together
As I learn personally and from clients who use the Connect System, everything is added to the course and shared with current  students.  When you get that big opportunity, you need to be confident that you will turn listeners into leads as a podcast guest.

Four Must-Do’s That Will Save Your Podcast Interview

Turn Off Drop Box Synching

If you use Drop Box or other system to synch your computers. You could loose your bandwidth during an interview.  If someone shares a large file, like a video, your vital Skype connection will be competing with that file.  Always turn the automatic synch feature to Pause before an interview.

Record the Interview Also

Technical problems are inevitable.  While the host records the interview, a good guest will also hit record.  Let the host know you will have a back up copy.  Most of the time it won’t be needed, but in that rare case when it is you will be the hero.  Both you and the host won’t have wasted your time.

Turn Off Skype Notification

I don’t use Skype often.  Mostly for podcast interviews and to speak with people overseas.  Still I always mark myself as unavailable and turn off notifications before a podcast interview.  The last thing you want is that Skype ringing tone on your interview.

Run Just Two Programs and Two Tabs

I run on dual screens and typically have dozen of tabs open and programs running.  Before every podcast I restart my computer to ensure I have the maximum performance.  High CPU usage can and does degrade the audio and video quality of a Skype call.
Only two programs are running during an interview:
  1. Skype
  2. Chrome (internet browser)
On the browser I have two tabs open:
  1. The host Linkedin Profile
  2. The web page for the Podcast
This avoids all other distractions.  It makes remembering and USING the name of the show and host easier.