How Rory Vaden Taught Me to Get More Time to Do Inbound Marketing

rory_vaden_ecommerce_more_timeI need to take more vacations and so do you. It’s difficult to run into new and interesting people in your office. Honestly, I’ve never had a creative idea sitting in my office. To learn how to multiply time I had to go on a cruise.  

It was on a boat in the Caribean with no internet or cell phone service that I had the opportunity to meet New York Times bestselling author Rory Vaden. While his organization, Southwestern Consulting focuses on sales coaching, his ideas answered the biggest complaint I hear from inbound marketers: If only I had more time!

Rory showed me how I can multiply my time.

Don’t think it’s possible?

As Rory pointed out, one of the first commands in the Bible was God telling us “to be fruitful and multiply.” This doesn’t just mean procreation. This means multiplying your positive impact. In business, this means increasing your positive impact creating marketing people love.  We’ve all been given more powerful tools, now let’s get more time to use them. time.

Here are 5 tips that multiply your time

1. Think multiple not single

Often it takes as long to write one email as it does to set up a template or automated workflow. With the personalization available in HubSpot, it doesn’t have to look or feel like a canned message. Go ahead and set up a workflow of auto responders and lead nurturing. Almost anything you make for one person can and should be shared with everyone. Post last nights HUGs presentation on Slide Share. Take the audio from your video and transcribe it for $1 a minute on Therer is even a major daily podcast that is a very talented voice talent reading blog posts (anyone want to guess which one it is?).  Multiplying your impact multiplies your time.

2. Delegation

“It’s not good for man to be alone” nor to work alone. There are 101 Inbound task you could outsource today. So why don’t you?  Because you don’t have the time to find, train or manage a free lancer or virtual assistant. Think of the tasks and projects you do now that someone else could do to free up your time. The best time to plant a tree was years ago. The second best time is today. The same can be said about training someone to do the things that you don’t love, aren’t good at, or don’t produce high value. Rory showed the massive return on time invested for teaching. Take for example posting a blog on HubSpot. It may only take you 30 minutes to upload it, find an image and format the post. Rory argues that you should spend 30 times the amount of time it takes you to teach someone. This way after just 30 weeks, you could get a return on investment on your time. Will it take 30x to teach it? Probably not, but even if it does it’s probably your best investment you can make.

3. Collaboration

There are experts out there. While e-commerce business owners are smart enough to learn everything, there is a great opportunity cost. While you’re learning, someone else is doing. Better to collaborate with the experts that already know how to do it. In this fast paced e-commerce world, the winners are those that execute fast, not those that just learn fast.

4. Systems!

As you grow, will your system support the growth? A key to being ready for tomorrow is always to focus on areas that can save time and produce bigger and better results in the process. APIs are a wonderful example. Using a tool like Zapier, you can go ahead and automatically share information from your shopping cart to Quickbooks to your CRM. While this only takes a couple of minutes per order, the time saved now could be used to grow your business. Having the systems in place now will allow you to support the growth when it comes.

5. Procrastinating on purpose

While Rory is best known for his New York Times selling book Take the Stairs, which talks about getting things done on purpose, he also in his new book talks about procrastinating on purpose. This means giving yourself permission to focus on only the key areas that impact your business the most, those that make more time. You can’t do everything, so make sure that you prioritize and do the things that matter. Procrastinating on purpose those things that can wait.

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