How to Add a Call to Action (CTA) to Your LinkedIn Posts


One of the critical items every blog should have is a Call To Action (CTA). This visual item helps the reader get more information to move along their journey to solving their need or problem with your product or service. The CTA is the first step in beginning the nurturing process that moves people from visitors to customers. While this feature is native in many blogging platforms like HubSpot, doing it on Linkedin takes a few extra steps. I’ll show you how to do it in under 2 minutes.

Originally I wondered if adding a CTA to a Linkedin Post was allowed. Would it get you banned from the site or harm the success you’ve already had in building relationships on this powerful professional networking site? After all, the clear goal of adding the CTA is to send traffic off the Linkedin site to your home base. When you add a CTA, you are attempting to take Linkedin’s traffic to your traffic. After months of questioning Linkedin experts and reading the Terms of Service, I found you can add this vital conversion tool to every one of your posts.

I’ve shown exactly how to add a Call to Action to a Linkedin post in the video below. It’s very easy.

What you need to add a CTA to a Linkedin post

1. An engaging image that clearly communicates what the reader can expect to gain by clicking. You can make these for free in Canva or PowerPoint. You can also find skilled graphic designers on ODesk or even Fiverr.
2.  The URL of where you want them redirected when they click on the image. Typically this is a landing page, but it could be any pertinent page on your site.

How to add a CTA to a Linked post 

1.  Add the image to the end of the post
2.  Hyperlink the image to the page you want to redirect them to on your site.

The 3 cardinal rules for all content

Any blog, post, ebook or piece of content should have 3 things.

1. It should be addressed to a single buyer persona. If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.

2. It should address a specific problem

3. It should help the person make progress in their journey to solve their problem or need.

Shame on us, as marketers and business owners, if we attract people with great content and then don’t give them the opportunity to get more content and to start engaging with them. Adding CTAs to your Linkedin Posts helpful the reader and you.