5 Tricks on How To Get Interviewed on a Podcast

Speak directly to your dream customers

how to get interviewed on podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? Chances are that your dream customers listen to them also.  Right now they are probably listening to one of the over 186 thousand podcasts in the US alone. In 2016, they will download episodes from their new cars.  It’s no longer a podcast but on demand radio.   Will they be listening to you?

Before you take the time and money to start your own podcast consider the cost to buy the equipment, learn the skills and build your audience.  Even the best podcasts take time to build a following.  If you want real business results faster, consider being interviewed as a guest on some of the existing podcasts your ideal buyer’s already listen to and love.

But the first question everyone has is: How to Get Interviewed on a Podcast?

Here are 5 secrets to be interviewed on your customers favorite podcasts 

1. Understand the motivation of the host:  This isn’t radio or TV where the business model is based around selling advertising.  What podcast hosts need is great content for their audience. Focus all interactions on how you can help them with this fundamental need.

2. Get interviewed by a friend:  Podcast host tend to interview friends first.  The reason is obvious: They know, like and trust them.  Especially with a live podcast having an unknown entity is dangerous. Ensure you connect in some way prior to asking to be on the show. Get introduced through a mutual friend on Linkedin. Leave comments on their shows

  • Get introduced through a mutual friend on Linkedin. Leave comments on their shows
  • Leave comments on their shows notes (posts)
  • Follow and interact with them on social media
  • Leave a review of their show on iTunes

3. Act like the expert you are:  Just like in a court of law an expert is not THE person that knows the MOST, but a person who knows more than the average listener.  An expert witness in court is a someone, who by virtue of education, training, skill, or experience, is believed to have expertise and specialised knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person .  We are all experts in some area.  The key is to present yourself as a professional. Professionals have a one sheet (also known as a pitch page) that shows their image, bio, topics they discuss and an introduction the host can read to the audience.

4. Show examples of your work:  Podcast hosts want to hear your voice before they broadcast it to their tribe. If available, link to a few examples of past interviews or speeches in an introductory email. One of our clients who had never been on a podcast or spoke publically just recorded a video to the host on his iPhone. The host could see he was personable and a good communicator. He got booked immediately.

5. Hire an Agent: If you are not comfortable pitching yourself, consider hiring a firm to make the introduction for you.  There are firms that connect great guests with podcast hosts.  Having a professional agent gives you credibility. Results can be faster as you tap into their network.  As a third party, they can praise your abilities in ways that would sound vain or creepy if you said it yourself.  This can be a great strategy even if just for the first 90 days to get introduced, interviewed and known in the podcast community.