How to Write Great Blogs as You Drive

Yes, you have permission to do this

blog as you drive

I get inspiration for content all the time. I’ll get ideas in the shower. I’ll killer blog titles while I’m driving. The inspiration and ideas isn’t the limiting factor to getting the content that’s the fuel for my automated sales and marketing engine. For me the limitation is the time to sit down at my computer and type it out. I just don’t feel the creative juices flowing as I sit down in front of the computer to start typing out a blog.

While we always talk about understanding our ideal buyer persona, our ideal customer, I think it’s also important for us to start looking at it and understanding ourselves.

  • When are we the most creative?
  • When are we the most productive?
  • How can we use the tools that we have to produce some great content?

That’s why I’m so excited to show you the work flow that I’ve started. I’m writing most of my blogs as I drive to work.

This morning in the shower I had the idea for doing this post. After drying off, I wrote down a few notes just to keep myself on track.  Now as I’m driving into work, I’ll record my ideas. Most of the time it’s just an audio recording on my iPhone, but sometimes I can make a video. As you can see it’s not perfect. The text will need some editing. I’ve found is that I can record a 600 word blog in about 4 minutes. As a general rule of thumb, most people talk about 150 words per minute.

What allows me to dictate as I drive is a great tool I found called REV.COM. It’s an amazing app that works on iPhone, (I think it works on Android also). What it allows you to do is record and then when done, hit transcribe. For a $1 a minute, they’ll transcribe the audio and email it directly to you. To me this has been a game changer. When I first started with it, I could go ahead and dictate 2 or 3 blogs on my way to work, have them transcribed and by the time I made it to work 15 minutes later, it already be sitting on my inbox. They do a great job. I’d have to say that probably 99% accuracy. What they don’t get as accurate is because of my mumbling, not their transcribing. It’s done by real people.

The word document they sent me got me 80% of the way there to having a blog ready to publish. To me that was magic because I’m not a natural writer. When I start to type, I spend more time correcting the little errors and the red lines under them.

Where I really took it to the next level was starting to get an assistant, or my inbound virtual assistant, involved in it also. Now when I dictate the blog at the very beginning I tell her what the name of the blog is and what blog I want it to post (guest post, Linkedin, my blog, etc.). At the very end, I’ll dictate what call to action to include and  even what day I want it posted. She can go ahead and edit the instructions out before it post. Rev will go ahead and transcribe it and email it to me. I’ve set it up so that it automatically copies her on all emails from

Tonight I’ll record a blog on my way home from work. By the next morning, it’s in my WordPress or HubSpot platform there and it’s already for my review. My VA has gone ahead and added an image, the call to action (CTA) and some internal links.

This has empowered me. The technology doesn’t replace me, but it enables me to produce the content in the form I am most comfortable. Then we can re-purpose it in the ways others prefer.

I’d encourage you to play around with this. If you’re not a writer like me, maybe you can go ahead and dictate your next blog… If you’re like me and don’t like the way you look on video (more takes never help)  well you can still record the audio then convert it to text or add images to make a video. Just produce it in the medium your customer’s like.

We’ve all got to share out content with our audience in order to serve them and to fuel our automated sales and marketing engine. There are so many great tools out there that make it easy for us. I encourage you to give it a try. Let me know what tricks and tips you have to get great content to your audience. If you are creating content behind the wheel, just drive carefully.