Learn to Grow Your Business as a Podcast Guest

Step-by-step course: Talk directly to thousands of your DREAM customers

Speak to your ideal customers as a podcast guest

(July 31, 2015 – Fort Worth, TX)

What are you listening to? If you are like the majority of Americans, it’s less of traditional on AM/FM radio and more podcasts. Often refered to as “on-demand radio”, the podcast market is exploding. This weekend thousands of podcasters are meeting in Fort Worth, Texas for the 2nd Annual Podcast Movement Convention. While they are a small fraction of the more than 186,000 podcast hosts, it’s now possible to grow your business using podcasts as a guest.

The online course CONNECT: How to grow your business talking directly to your dream customer was officially released at the conference. This 6 video course teaches entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners the step by step process to:

  1. Define who they want to talk to
  2. Communicate their unique expertise
  3. Get booked on the ideal podcasts
  4. Make the perfect interview
  5. Turn listeners into leads
  6. Convert leads into customers

Plus it teaches how to outsource everything but the interview.

Based on the proven inbound marketing strategy, the system turns content into cash. “Content is the fuel that powers our online sales machine” according to Tom Schwab, the lead inbound engineer for Inbound for eCommerce. “Podcast interviews convert 25x better than blogs”

Content is the fuel of our online sales machine. Podcast interviews convert 25x better than blogs

The course was developed based on the incredible success and lessons learned with many of Schwab’s original clients over the last nine months. The most notable success story is Aaron Walker or View From The Top. As a men’s life and business coach, Walker began using the system in the Fall of 2014. His business has exploded and has now been invited as an expert guest on over 100 podcasts. Many podcasters including John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire were so impressed, that they invited him back. Walker’s single interview with Dumas has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. It currently ranks #4 of over 1,000 interviews.

When asked why he chose to focus on being a podcast guest instead of hosting his own show, Walker compares building a podcast to a swimming pool: “I could build my own, but why when everyone else invites me to there’s?”

A podcast is like a pool.  You can build your own or get invited to other people’s.

Marketing is all about starting the conversation. The CONNECT course has everything needed to master the system and see results in under 30 days.

  • Sample emails
  • Checklist
  • Webpage templates
  • List of over 500 great podcasts looking for expert guests
  • And more..

Over the last 3 months the course has been tested, refined and validated with consistent fantastic results. Now fully launched, for the month of August only, it comes with an hour of 1-on-1 valued at over $150.

To purchase the entire course for only $497 click here.