Forget the Hover Board, I’m excited about ONTRAPalooza


Are you disappointed today? After all, this was the day we were supposed to have the Hover Board. While it would have been nice, even Marty McFly couldn’t have imagined all of the neat things we have today.

I’m flying at 400+ mph at 3ok feet connected to the internet.  Not even the professor in “Back to Future” saw this one coming. He also never dreamed of the tools that every small business has available in “The Future”.  It’s not just the big companies with major budgets.  Today any entrepreneur or soloprenuer can attract, engage and delight their customers online.

I’m headed to Santa Barbara, CA for the fourth annual ONTRAPalooza. For the next 2 days, over 600 like-minded small business owners, entrepreneurs, and soloprenuers will be gathered to learn and share.


Here is why I’m more excited about ONTRAPalooza than a Hover Board

Cross Pollination:  In nature plants need cross-pollination to bear fruit. I’ve seen that the same is true in our business life.  While we need new customers to grow our business, we also need new ideas. It seems like some of the most profitable ideas I’ve ever been exposed to have come not from the stage, but over coffee with another attendee.  One of the 600 attendees has an idea ordinary to him or her, that will drastically change my business.  My quest is to find them.

The Speakers: Disclosure: I’m speaking.  Total Transparency: When I saw the other speakers I was humbled.  Last week I heard Rick Martinez on a huge national podcast.  I’ve read the books by Ryan Holiday and Allyson Byrd.  Ezra Firestone has helped me redefine marketing from a four letter word.  Kristin Kraft from Wistia is there (I’m a total Wistia fan boy).  Then there is Paul Orfalea, the Founder of Kinko’s. His company changed my dad’s life and gave him some of the happiest days of his too short life.  I’m getting selfies and autographs.

Santa Barbara: The location is gorgeous. I’m coming from Michigan where we’ve already had frost and fires in the wood stove.  My wife laughed when I called it a business meeting.  Can I honestly call this a business expense when it’s held in Paradise?

The Announcement: OntraPort, the host of the meeting has been teasing a big release to their world class all in one business automation system for weeks. I want to be there to: 1) here it first 2) learn from the engineers how to use it 3) learn from other business owners how they envision using it.

Meet Landon and Lena: The Ontraport small business software impacts my business and my customers every day.  I want to thank the people who had the vision and built the team.  While I’ve chatted with them on email and on Facebook, I want to shake their hand, look them in the eye and say “Thank you!”  Then I’ll get the selfie with them of course.

High Five The OntraPort Team:  My daughter told me that “IRL” means “In Real Life”. I have so many friends at OntraPort that I’ve never met IRL.  These heroes go beyond tech support or customer service.  I want to introduce myself give them a high five and wait for their reaction when they connect the dots…..oh, he’s that guy!


If you are interested in everything going on at ONTRAPalooza, follow me on Twitter and Periscope.  If you are attending, please stop me and say high.  If you want to learn the Holy Grail of Content Marketing, attend my talk on Tuesday at 2 pm.