The Virtual Book Tour as a podcast guest

Connect with 10x more readers with no travel.

Virtual book tour on podcasts for authors to promote market book

Writing a book can be the easiest part of the entire process.  Even after it’s printed, you still have to market your book.  Some authors are fortunate enough to have a motivated agent, but for the vast majority of authors the burden to market the book falls upon the author.  Ask anyone who has ever gone on a multi-city book tour, it is exhausting.  If you are funding it yourself, it is also expensive. Thankfully today a book tour doesn’t mean living out of hotels, eating fast food or spending more time in transit than connecting with potential readers.

Even small authors and self-published works can now use the strategy of the digital book tour.  It costs less and provides a much greater return on investment for both your time and money.

What is a virtual book tour?

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I Want to Share with You a High-Leverage Book Marketing Technique

Are you a thought leader, business person, or author(-to-be)?

promote your book as a podcast guest

Are you a thought leader, business person, or author(-to-be)?

We believe we have a book marketing tactic which is high-leverage … a way to get stuff done bigger-better-faster.

Invest 30 minutes with Brian Del Turco and myself on a free webinar—TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 at 3:00 pm (Eastern Time, US and Canada, GMT -4).

The webinar will be filled with profitable, actionable information.

Be smart—you can be a podcast guest and speak to online audiences which make sense for your book topic. This just may be the ultimate way to leverage your book marketing.

You’ll get the recording and a free PDF resource.

Claim your spot: YES! I WANT TO BE A PART

Nah, I’d rather just put my book out there and see what happens, even if it means much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Actually, there’s no link for that here!

6 Motivations to Be Heard on Podcasts

Set clear goals to ensure fast results

Set clear goals to be a podcast guest

You’ve heard that the number of podcast listeners is exploding.  In certain 2016 model cars, drivers will be able to download and listen to podcasts.  It’s no longer podcasting, but on demand radio.  They are listening, and you want to ensure your ideal customers hear you.  You want to capitalize on this growing market, but make sure to set clear goals.

The good news is that you can connect with listeners both as a podcast host and as a podcast guest.  While you don’t need to start your own show to be heard, you do need to set clear goals on WHY you want to be heard and WHAT you hope to accomplish.  Being clear at the beginning will ensure meet and exceed your expectations

1. Vanity

I admit that this was a personal motivation.  I put it first because it’s the easiest outcome to get.  Being heard on podcasts and called an expert is fun.  Having someone ask you questions strokes your ego.  Knowing that hundreds of even hundreds of thousands will hear you inflates your ego.  You can add the logo to your website.  Post the interview to all your social media.  The results are like cotton candy: It’s fun, sweet and doesn’t last long.  If you are trying to grow a business, listens won’t appear on the balance sheet.

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5 Secrets All Podcast Guests Should Copy from Pat Flynn

Learn to be the #1 podcast guest

5 secrets all podcast guests should copy from pat flynn

Don’t you wish the nice guys always finished first? If you were at Podcast Movement in Fort Worth TX, you would have seen 1,100 people cheering for not only the best podcaster of the year, but the nicest podcaster. Pat Flynn, the self-proclaimed crash test dummy of online marketing won the award for 2015. While I’m an admitted fanboy of Pat’s Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat Podcast, meeting him in person took the admiration to the next level. If you want to make it big for the long-term in this medium, be like Pat.

Here are 5 keys every podcast guest should copy from Pat to improve your interviews

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6 Major Small Business Take Aways from Podcast Movement 2015

What every business owner will know in 36 months

Podcast Movement 2015 inbound small business

Where were you at the infancy of podcasts? As on-demand radio is introduced into cars in 2016, I believe time will look back at Podcast Movement 2015 as a pivotal moment. While most of the world didn’t know what a podcast was, over 1,100 early adopters gathered in Fort Worth, TX for the biggest conference of its kind. The good new is that you can still leverage this technology to connect with your ideal audience, your dream customers. Even if you don’t have a podcast, you can participate in this opportunity as a podcast guest.

Here are the 6 big lessons I learned that will grow my business in 2016

 The riches are in the niches

This quote often used by John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast. With over 200k different podcasts in 2015, the podcast market is highly fragmented and still has major gaps just waiting for a host. Terrestrial radio broadcasts to the masses. Decades ago, Casey Kasem had millions tune into his Top 40. Now the top podcasters like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income boast 350k downloads per episode. While radio had passive listeners, podcasts have loyal raving fans.

Your network is not measured in passive listeners, but in raving fans. Click To Tweet

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Learn to Grow Your Business as a Podcast Guest

Step-by-step course: Talk directly to thousands of your DREAM customers

Speak to your ideal customers as a podcast guest

(July 31, 2015 – Fort Worth, TX)

What are you listening to? If you are like the majority of Americans, it’s less of traditional on AM/FM radio and more podcasts. Often refered to as “on-demand radio”, the podcast market is exploding. This weekend thousands of podcasters are meeting in Fort Worth, Texas for the 2nd Annual Podcast Movement Convention. While they are a small fraction of the more than 186,000 podcast hosts, it’s now possible to grow your business using podcasts as a guest.

The online course CONNECT: How to grow your business talking directly to your dream customer was officially released at the conference. This 6 video course teaches entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners the step by step process to:

  1. Define who they want to talk to
  2. Communicate their unique expertise
  3. Get booked on the ideal podcasts
  4. Make the perfect interview
  5. Turn listeners into leads
  6. Convert leads into customers

Plus it teaches how to outsource everything but the interview.

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The New FCC Law Every Marketer Must Know!

How to avoid huge lawsuits

TCPA Marketers lawsuit class action

Ignorance of the law is no defense. Even if that law was never voted on, but just a huge new regulation that was passed by the FCC. The Class Action lawyers are already lining up to extort money from companies. Marketing and sales maybe the new uninsured liability for digital companies. Did your company break the law today?

It is now illegal to call a consumer’s mobile phone without expressed written consent.

What is the Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA)

TCPA mem and what it means to marketersIn response to consumer complaints about the annoying and often harassing robocalls, the FCC passed a sweeping new regulation on July 10, 2015. Called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) it carries the potential for huge punitive and compensatory damages in class action cases. Under the regulation, companies must have expressed written consent in order to contact any consumer’s mobile phone. This regulation includes both phone messages and text message. The act only applies to equipment that has the capacity to store and make automated calls. Since all digital phones have the “capacity”, there are no foreseen exceptions. The call must be placed to a mobile phone for the regulations to apply, but it’s the callers responsibility to verify if the number is a mobile or land line.

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