5 Secrets All Podcast Guests Should Copy from Pat Flynn

Learn to be the #1 podcast guest

5 secrets all podcast guests should copy from pat flynn

Don’t you wish the nice guys always finished first? If you were at Podcast Movement in Fort Worth TX, you would have seen 1,100 people cheering for not only the best podcaster of the year, but the nicest podcaster. Pat Flynn, the self-proclaimed crash test dummy of online marketing won the award for 2015. While I’m an admitted fanboy of Pat’s Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat Podcast, meeting him in person took the admiration to the next level. If you want to make it big for the long-term in this medium, be like Pat.

Here are 5 keys every podcast guest should copy from Pat to improve your interviews

Make the other person the star

People don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel. I walked up to Pat at the hotel. I thought he was just taking a selfie. Little did I know that he was live on Periscope. Instantly I felt like a dolt for interrupting him. Pat made me feel like a star. He introduced me to everyone watching then interviewed me on the spot. I feeling better about myself and about Pat.

Tip: When you are on podcasts, do you focus on making yourself look good or the host look good? Your job is to make the host look like a genius for inviting you.

Pat Flynn the nicest guy in podcastingBe yourself

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Listeners aren’t impressed by titles and degrees. If anything being the academic expert can quickly seem to be aloof and pretentious in audio. Pat lets listeners in on his life. He talks openly and frankly about his life and his family. Pat even shared a video of his 5-year-old son admitting he didn’t know what Dad did or what a podcast was.

Tip: Act like an expert without acting like an aloof know it all. Share insights into you as a person.

Keep getting better

In his keynote address, Pat played his first podcast recording ever. It was painful to hear. It was even more painful to see him on stage as his timid pleas crackled over the cheap microphone. If you aren’t embarrassed by your first recording, you should be embarrassed. The goal is to get continually better. To learn quickly by doing.

Tip: Listen to your own interviews. Most people don’t because it’s painful…..and they keep inflicting the same painful mistakes on the listeners.

Darrin Bentley Big Wig PAt FLynnBe honest and vulnerable

Today, 70% of any buying decision is made before the customer contacts you. There are no secrets. Everyone saw your elephant in the room and talked about it long before you got there. Instead of ignoring it, acknowledge it. Have fun with it. Make a short coming your memorable strong suit. If you don’t know Pat, he’s short. Pictures of him wearing a vest or with his son tend to help. When the picture with Darrin Bently (The Big Wig Podcast) hit social media, the elephant in the room was clearly not Pat. Instead of being resentful of comments he laughed along, as he included them in his keynote.

Tip: Laugh at yourself. Address the reality everyone knows and own it with a smile.

Nice guys do finish first

Many people in the podcast field post their monthly income reports. While impressive, Pat is not the highest grossing podcaster. Money can be deceptive. Today it’s never been easier to make a buck online. It’s never been harder to build a long-term profitable business. Instead of chasing a transaction, I see Pat as investing in long-term relationships.

Today your net worth is proportional to your network.

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Your network is not the number of likes, but those people who genuinely care about you. Based on that I believe Pat Flynn will continue to dominate podcasting.

Tip: Focus on building a relationship with the host. They are the gatekeeper to their audience and the wealth of introductions. Looks at your podcast interview as the ultimate networking opportunity.

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