The Publishing Revolution is On!

Explore the benefits for you and your business

This post is part of an ongoing series. See the Why You Should Write a Book as Part of Your Business Strategy (series) page here.

Are you carrying a book on the inside? You can get it out there!

publishing revolution

You now have the innovative option of POD — print-on-demand publishing.

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Here’s what POD can do for you

Print-on-Demand publishing can launch your book to your following, the nation, and the world right away for little to no cost.

When a book is ordered online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or any of thousands of bookstores across the nation, it is immediately manufactured and shipped. It could be an order for 1, 10, or 100 books. There is a good profit on each unit, more than with with traditional, commercial publishing.

There are no up-front costs to the author as with traditional, commercial publishing.

  • No stocking of books at home.
  • No warehousing.
  • Shipping to customers is handled for you.
  • You don’t pay for copies that don’t sell (there are none).
  • No invoicing. You can access monthly reports. Royalties are deposited into your account.
  • No gatekeepers. And no middle man to pay.

Your book is seen as immediately available online and to bookstores, even though it has not been manufactured yet.

There’s offset printing too

In some applications offset printing will be the best option. This works well if you do speaking and if you want to take orders through your website and ship directly.

You invest money up front for a print run. But if you move books through speaking and direct orders. You will have an inventory on hand and your profit margin per unit will be the highest possible.

And yet, remember that with the print-on-demand process, you can order books in any quantity you would like at any time. For example if you have a speaking engagement, you can order 40 or 50 copies and have them shipped to you, or even shipped directly to the speaking location. If you want to place an order for 300 copies, you can do that. You can even order 1 or 10 copies at any time.

Smart systems

With print-on-demand, books are manufactured and shipped within a couple of days. With this approach there is no money invested in a larger inventory.

POD has leveled the playing field. You can get in the game! You have none of the risk of offset printing with little money invested. Why not utilize leading-edge technology, smart systems, and breakout publishing and distribution models?

Bonus content: thoughts on writing and publishing from Seth Godin

Here are 5 simple thoughts from Seth Godin for emerging authors, including those in business. New ways of thinking can make all the difference.

  • If you have a book to write, then what are you waiting for? Write it. You no longer have to wait for someone to decide if your worthy and give you permission. Don’t hand over power to others.
  • Writing a book pays dividends. It clarifies thinking. Builds credibility. It works every day to deliver your message with authority.
  • Your book is a living marketing and idea-spreading engine. It works for you while you’re doing other things.
  • Don’t try to sell your book to everyone. It’s better to target a subset of the market… the ones who are giving you permission to talk with them.
  • “Best-seller” thinking is fantasy thinking that is crippling.
  • Books change lives all the time. Remember, when we offer quality change and value, we stand a very good chance of benefiting in our own business.

This post is part of an ongoing series. See the Why You Should Write a Book as Part of Your Business Strategy (series) page here.

In this series, we explore the strategy of releasing a book to develop your business. We’ll also show what’s possible in today’s publishing with both physical books and digital e-books. And there’s a lot of possibility!

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