The Best Blog Topic: Answer the Freaking Question

The first question every writer faces is “what should I write about?” Some hit writer’s block quickly and run out of ideas. Others want the perfect title that will engage their readers. Still others want the content to be shared and go viral.

What is the best blog topic?

Before you post another word, check out River Pools and Spas. No company has nailed their blog titles better than Marcus Sheridan and his team.

Answer the freaking question

ATFQ was written on many of exams. In college it was a clear sign that I did not know the answer. For marketers, it’s more likely that we know the answer but don’t want to discuss the elephant in the room.

  • How much does it cost? Can’t discuss this in a blog. That comes when they talk to the salesman.
  • What are the biggest complaints about your product or service? Can’t discuss that in a blog.  We have to promote the positive.
  • What are the best 5 companies for your product? Can’t blog about that. We can’t validate any competitors.

Their are no stupid questions

There are just stupid marketers who don’t answer obvious questions.

When marketers don’t answer questions they sound like the worst politician stereotype

  • I know, but I’m not going to tell you
  • I’m not going to answer that because you might not like the answer
  • You’ll only find the answer after it’s too late

It destroys trust, adds friction to the buying process, and doesn’t filter out customers that are not a good fit.

There are no unique questions

If one person had a question, you can be sure others will have the same question in the future. The smart marketers like River Pools and Spas answer them ONCE and let people find them on their website. If someone can’t find it, instead of answering with a long email, they reply with a link to the blog.

Where can you get the questions?

  • Sales Team
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Contact Us emails

The content for the blog probably already exists in an email that has been sent to an individual lead. Use the entire company to produce content.

What every business can learn from River Pools and Spas

River pools and spas inbound marketing master

The only true experts in your company are your customers. Everyone has an opinion, but unless you are voting with your dollars, your opinion doesn’t count.  The smart Inbound company openly addresses the questions, concerns and objections that their customers express in their buyer’s journey. This makes the sales process easier, faster or more efficient for future customers. An Inbound Strategy is about learning and continuous improvement. River Pools and Spas dominated their region by answering their customers questions.