The Ultimate Inbound Goal: Making Customers into Smiling Billboards

Dr Rafael Perez of Stone Lake Dental in Wichita Fall, TX has a question common to all business in this ever more competitive environment: What can I do to keep getting more customers?

Inbound is about more than blogs and Calls To Actions. Inbound is a strategy that can be applied to any business. The strategy works for

  • Local and global businesses
  • Small business to Fortune 100 giants
  • Physical Bricks and Mortar business to online operations

At the heart of the strategy is being helpful to

Attract new visitors — engage leads — delight customers

To often we think of this as a linear progression. Getting data points through a sales funnel as quickly and as efficiently as possible. But they are not data points, they are people.

InboundLogogifThe Inbound process is a cycle. Like the logo in the Inbound Movement, it is a snowball. It builds momentum and grows. The ultimate goal of any Inbound sales cycle is for delighted customers to keep purchasing and become advocates that keep attracting new ideal customers.

Inbound is about Life Time Value (LTV)

We delight the customer because it is the right thing to do: The golden rule of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Those that focus short term and try to maximize the profit of each transaction will always be searching for new customers when the old ones see no reason to return. The smart Inbound company focuses  on Life Time Value (LTV) of a customer.

For example, Starbucks has an estimated LTV of over $40,000. They might be able to cut cost associated with the experience to be more profitable today, but the pennies saved today could jeopardize the tens of thousands of dollars over the decades.

Life Time Value can be increased in 3 ways:

  • The customer buys more or more expensive items once value and trust is established
  • The customer continues to buy over months, years or decades
  • The customer referrs more ideal customers like themselves

All business owners can learn from this dentist

There may be no more personal service profession than dentistry. Think about it. They have their hands in your mouth and their face may be inches from yours. That is a service provider you must know, love,  and trust! There may be no other profession that has the potential to leverage the concept of LTV to build a business.

Dr Rafael Perez Stone Lake Dental Uber Good Customer Service PainlessAll businesses can learn from the customer service of the best of the best in this trusted industry. Dr. Rafael Perez and the staff at Stone Lake Dental are so focused on Delighting Customers that they even teach others at


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