Using Inbound Marketing for Non-Profits: HONOR FLIGHT

On Veteran’s Day we feature Dan Moyle, from the South West Michigan Chapter of Honor Flight, a network of local non-profits that honor our nation’s veteran’s by taking them to Washington, DC to see the Memorials built in their honor. Like many organizations, those they want to serve (World War II Veteran’s) are not online. How can they use the principles of Inbound Marketing.

Dan’s question is:¬†How can you use the internet to connect with customers who are not online?

Inbound is a strategy that works online and off.

Inbound is a strategy. It is a way to run your organization that works online or offline. Inbound is about being helpful, serving customers, and ultimately delighting them.

Honor Flight is an Inbound organization at heart. As a national network of local non-profits, they recognize and honor Veteran’s for their service by taking them to the National Mall in Washington, DC to see the Memorials built in their honor. All of this is done at no cost to the Veterans.

All of their marketing has been inbound in style. Providing great content that connects.

Honor Flight The Movie is a great example of how telling works better than selling.

Remember the influencing buyer persona

Often organizations focus so much on the “buyer” that they forget that the “Influencer” may have a more important role in action being taken:

  • Diamond engagements rings are bought by men, but marketed to woman.
  • Kids toys are bought by parents, but marketed to children.
  • Prescription drugs are bought by patients, but marketed to doctors.

With regards to the World War II Veterans going on an Honor Flight, the “Influencers” might be their children or grandchildren who could more easily be reached online. Sadly the number of World War II veterans decreases each day, but the number of “Influencers” increases to help in this race against time.

What every business can learn from Honor Flight

Talons Out Honor Flight South West Michigan

The ultimate inbound goal: Providing an experience that impacts everyone it touches. If you have never seen or been part of a Honor Flight, I highly encourage you to find a way to participate. If not to thank the Veteran’s for their service, then to learn how to improve your marketing and your company.

Honor Flight provides an experience. As the sun comes up, the veteran’s are welcomed and treated like the VIP’s they are. It’s not unusual to have a high school band playing as they leave for the private chartered plane. Each veteran has a personal escort for the day. They are provided a wheel chair, lunch, greeted in DC by Dignitaries. When they return home there may be fire trucks, a parade, thousands of people to greet them. Everyone who participates in any small way becomes a vocal advocate, a walking billboard telling others about the organization. Honor Flight attracts, engages and delights everyone it touches.

To all veterans, thank you for your service.

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